SprayClean – What makes it the Most Competitive Product in the Post-lockdown world?

SprayClean – What makes it the Most Competitive Product in the Post-lockdown world?

COVID-19 has been around for some time now, and as per several predictions, the worst is yet to come. On the other hand, the world may also get a vaccine for the virus very soon and put an end to the pandemic. The one thing many of us have learned during this period of social distancing and lockdown is that you need to focus on hygiene and cleaning to stay safe. 

Today, there’s a gradual relaxation being granted to private offices and necessary government offices like RTO, Rotary, etc. All you need to do is maintain personal hygiene, take all the necessary precautions, follow all guidelines, and avoid carelessness of any sort. 

Hand sanitization and keeping your face covered is critical when you need to interact with people or delegates. But the scenario of an office differs from a traditional one-to-one interaction. One may meet several workers, employees, managers within a short span of time, and there’s a regular “entry-exit” transition going on. To maintain the safety of all the people at the workplace, OK Play has introduced the revolutionary SprayClean walkway. 

It is an anti-germ walkway that kills all the viruses, germs, bacteria and other microbes that hold the potential of harming your health. It can be easily placed at the entrance of an office, a government institute, malls, and the entrance of a marriage garden and hotels that are hosting a gathering. Just like the metal detectors and screeners scans a person for fatal weapons and prohibited equipment, the SprayClean walkway sanitizes the person who walks “in-and-out” of it. 

With 99.99% of germs and viruses killed from the person’s body, including their exposed skin, clothes, hair, etc., they can proceed with their meetings and entitled tasks. However, this doesn’t imply that you can scrape off the face masks and violate the guidelines of social distancing and regular sanitization. 

The post-lockdown phase has seen a surge in cases; it points to a combination of incompetent sanitizer and violation of precautionary guidelines. Thanks to OK Play, organizations in particular and India, in general, can get rid of ineffective sanitization and install SprayClean for their workplace. Keeping the employees and everyone else associated with the venture healthy and safe is vital for smooth functioning. 

Economy off-late has not been following the projected trajectory due to the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses face a virtual standstill and progress is minimalistic. However, SprayClean isn’t only bliss for smoother functioning, but it also comes at a price point that makes its purchase a no-brainer for workplaces that envision rapid normalcy without putting anyone’s health at risk. When a person goes “through” OK Play’s anti-germ walkway, he/she gets decontaminated, and this allows them to take part in team discussions and important meetings actively.

The world has seen many pandemics come and go. Economies have been replenished time and again, and everyone needs to put forth a collective effort to #MakeIndiaSafeAgain. A collaborative effort from OK Play and various distributors across the country can ensure flawless functioning of multiple departments that include offices, hospitals, police stations, and whatnot. 

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