Safety is Now Customized to your Unique Needs. Check out Our HandyWash Variants Now!

Safety is now customized to your unique needs. Check out our HandyWash variants now!

Social distancing, home quarantine, lockdown and an elongated pandemic have been the highlights of 2020. The remedies to staying fit and avoiding the virus are based on the general rules of keeping yourself clean and following a healthy diet. Since food consumption is done via hands, it is critical to keep them germ-clean or more relatively, virus clean. Regular wash-basins have done the job for quite a while now, but it lacks to follow all the safety guidelines. To overcome these difficulties and ensure a transmission-free lifestyle for all, OK Play has come up with a modern and portable COVID-fighter product of the same, and it’s called the HandyWash.

HandyWash is the result of innovation combined with caution. The biggest problem with a regular wash-basin was that it required you to touch the valve for allowing water flow and then manually use the soap as well. Even handwashes need to be tapped manually, and therefore it withholds the risk of infecting others who use it. Sensor-based handwashes only serve the purpose of water-washing and waste a lot of water during the process. With OK Play’s HandyWash, you get a paddle-based wash-basin setup where one paddle opens-out to water while the other opens-out to soap. They have separate markings so that users know beforehand which paddle they need to press first. It is beneficial because:

  • It saves water and soap 
  • It is portable
  • It doesn’t require any hand touch or skin contact
  • Made from quality material and hence extremely durable

The most advanced variant of HandyWash is Quatro which can be used by 4 people at a time. However, that’s not the only option you have. Different people have differential needs, and OK Play offers 4 other variants apart from Quatro to meet these varying needs as well. Here’s a description of all these 5 variants that you can buy in accordance with your requirements:

HandyWash Solo

This variant can be operated by a single user at a time. It is best suited for residential settings or very small gatherings where the usage of wash-basin isn’t a frequent activity. Hotels can also allot this type of wash-basin for each room. It has two paddles in total for water and soap each, and the soup-filling capacity is 8 litres.

HandyWash Solo Corner

HandyWash Solo Corner is the same as the variant discussed before barring one change – the shape. While the former variant sports a rectangular basin design, Solo Corner variant has rounded corners which makes it sleek and enables you to save storage space. Everything else is identical.

HandyWash Duo

As we move forward from the solo variants, we have the HandyWas Duo in store for us. It has 4 paddles in total, which allows two people to wash their hands at the same time. The soap dispenser volume is 8 litres, and it is best suited for small-size offices with less number of workers.  

HandyWash Treo

As the name suggests, this HandyWash is developed to cater to the needs of 3 people at a time. It has 6 paddles in total out of which 3 are for water and 3 for soap. Medium-sized ventures and banks can select HandyWash Treo to ensure all the workers and employees are maintaining good hand hygiene. 

HandyWash Quatro 

With 8 paddles in total, HandyWash Quatro is best-suited for airports, metro-stations and other locations that are prone to larger gatherings. The soap dispenser retains the same amount of soap volume (8 litres), and 4 people can use it at a time. However, the dimensions are still the same, and it is also portable just like the other variants. 

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