The New Normal: What changes will be made as India enters into Unlock 1.0?

India has witnessed the largest containment experiment in history. On 25th March, 1.3 billion Indians battened down their hatches in an attempt to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

As lockdown opens up in many places now, people have to get accustomed to the concept of ‘new normal’ and this is how it’d look like:

  • Wearing a mask, washing hands with soaps, using sanitizers, and maintaining social distance is a must.
  • This lockdown period has taught us that we can live happily with what we already have (lower consumption). The percentage of overall consumerism will decrease in this ‘new normal’ phase.
  • Home-schooling/online teaching has become a part of this ‘new normal’ situation. The education system has to go through a lot of changes to deal with the current situation. Students will go to school only once a while for participating in group activities or building social skills.
  • This COVID-19 situation has taught businessmen like us to run a business on the work from home model. Like many other companies, OK Play is also allowing its employees to work from home now.
  • Placing online order and digital transformation has become a part of this new normal situation.

After almost three months of complete lockdown period, the government is taking measures to lift restrictions in many places. According to our team of experts now people must strictly follow the guidelines on social distancing, and regular sanitization to keep themselves safe.

With time, people have realized that they need the right products to battle the situation. Half the battle is won if the right product is used at the right moment. So, our team has brought two revolutionary products: HandyWash and SprayClean to continue the fight against coronavirus.

SprayClean is an innovative creation by our experienced engineers. It is a high quality, maintenance-free walkway which can be used in places like shopping malls, hospitals, superstore, hotels, etc. Our dedicated designers have rotomoulded SprayClean from an engineering grade polyethylene and is powered by a high-quality booster pump. They have used this superior quality pump to transfer the disinfectant solution to the strategically located atomizing nozzles to create a mist atmosphere on a plurality of articles, including humans that go through the walkway.

We understand the importance of washing hands effectively while conserving water and maintaining social distancing. OK Play Healthcare members are committed to society; so, our designers have created an advanced, 4 way portable, foot-operated washbasin – HandyWash. It will help to mitigate the spread of germs as users can control water and soap flow using foot control pedals.

We are working relentlessly to achieve the common goal of becoming globally competitive in the field of rotomolded products by pushing the boundaries of possibility with our innovative and customized path-breaking products for diverse industries. To minimize the spread of coronavirus, we have to fight together and our group members are always on their feet to provide human beings with the best possible solutions to make India safe again.

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