Necessity is the mother of Innovation: Meet Our COVID Fighter Products

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an economic scenario that nobody has experienced ever before. The sheer magnitude of the pandemic and the havoc it has wrecked on the global economy is unprecedented.
However, we believe great disturbances bring great disruptions and great disruptions bring great opportunities and new ways of attaining goals. Businesses all over the world have suffered a lot and undergone a lot of changes.

With our mission to become globally competitive in the field of rotomoulded products, our designers and engineers have always stayed faithful and dedicated to serve humanity in better ways. With time, we have expanded and deepened our knowledge of polyethylene by incorporating the latest technological advances from across the world.

We honestly think necessity is the mother of innovation and as the world goes through a pandemic, the ‘need of the hour’ is prevention. So, to deal with the current situation we have launched our ground-breaking COVID-19 fighter products – SprayClean and HandyWash.

What is SprayClean and how does it work?

To continue the fight against Coronavirus, our team of dedicated designers has designed this high quality and maintenance-free walkway – SprayClean. To make it work efficiently our skilled engineers have used a high-quality booster pump to transfers the disinfectant solution to the strategically located atomizing nozzles which creates a mist atmosphere on a plurality of articles including humans that go through the walkway. We are installing SprayClean in places like malls, supermarkets, public toilets, banks, airports, hospitals, etc to help people stay safe.

Key features of SprayClean

Having a compact modular design, SprayClean has some other super innovative features to it. The key features of SprayClean are:

  • A mat for shoe sanitization
  • 10 strategically places nozzles for complete sanitization
  • DC booster pump
  • 2 independent, inbuilt, and interconnected solution storage tanks (single capacity 120 Litres)
  • Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor and electricals
  • 2-layer filtration system
  • Contoured design with no sharp edges
  • Independent Solution Level indicator and many more

What is HandyWash and how does it work?

HandyWash is an innovative, portable, compact, lightweight foot-operated washbasin, our designers have crafted to be used by up to 4 people at a time. OK Play Healthcare engineers have rotomolded it using an engineering grade of polyethylene. We have created this product to mitigate the spread of germs as users can control water and soap flow using foot-controlled pedals. This product can be installed in places like hotels, public toilets, banks, airports, railway stations, etc.

Key features of HandyWash

Our Handywash will give a no-touch hand wash experience to the users. We have tried to incorporate some other modern features to make it ideal to prevent the spread of germs. The key features of HandyWash are as follows:

  • Stainless steel spouts soap faucet and sleeves
  • Water faucet
  • Contoured design with no sharp edges
  • Foot pedal for soap and water dispensing
  • 8 Litres soap reservoir
  • Rotomolded from high-quality engineering-grade polyethylene
  • Water inlet and drainage system
  • Fully assembled and ready to use
  • Zero maintenance

Our super innovative COVID-19 fighter products are designed and created to make India safe again. We provide meticulous attention to the product details to ensure that each of our products is user-friendly, safe, and durable.

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