How Distributors can Revolutionize Post-Pandemic Healthcare with OK Play

How Distributors can Revolutionize Post-Pandemic Healthcare with OK Play

Sanitization has become a norm and it needs to be followed mandatorily by everyone. However, dedicated equipment that can effectively sanitize large groups of people is currently unavailable. In the current scenario, it’s difficult to find ready-made sanitization equipment that can be brought off the shelf. Most businesses and institutions are currently relying on makeshift sanitization equipment, which is usually difficult to use and maintain.

Realizing the urgent need to prioritize prevention over cure, we have introduced two new products, SprayClean, an anti-germ walkway and HandyWash, a contact-less and portable hand wash.


An automated and maintenance-free walkway, SprayClean provides effective sanitization from head to toe. SprayClean walkway works by releasing a fine atomized mist of disinfectant through multiple nozzles placed inside the chamber.


A contact-less, foot-operated and portable washbasin, HandyWash provides an effective solution to control the spread of COVID-19 virus. HandyWash also fulfills the need to maintain social distancing and conserve water.
To spread the word about these revolutionary products, distributors will play a key role especially by making these innovative products available to a wide range of entities.

Here’s how distributors can create a win-win for all stakeholders with us.

  • Create awareness: Distributors can tap into their robust network to spread awareness about SprayClean and HandyWash. As more and more entities start to deploy these innovative products at their premises, it will contribute significantly to contain the spread of COVID-19.
  • Provide demo: Both SprayClean and HandyWash are portable products that can be easily installed anywhere. Distributors can easily take these at the client’s location for a demo. This would be more helpful, as clients will actually be able to see how these products work and the benefits they offer.
  • Boost economic activity: As of now, organizations are taking a big risk by resuming operations. Distributors can reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection by supplying SprayClean and HandyWash to such entities. With these innovative sanitization products, businesses and institutions can get back to work at 100% capacity.
  • Create new revenue source: SprayClean and HandyWash are pioneering products and expected to be deployed at various places. All premises that handle large groups of people will naturally feel the need to deploy SprayClean and HandyWash. As demand soars, distributors will be able to create a new regular source of revenue.

At OK Play, our pioneering legacy of 25 years has evoked us to bring something truly revolutionary to help ease the trying times for our community. Just like our other innovations in automotive, recreation and point of purchase domains, SprayClean and HandyWash can be a game-changer in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

So, let’s fight strongly against this virus together and #MakeIndiaSafeAgain.

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