Beginner’s Guide: 5 Innovative Ways to Secure Life against Future Health Crises

Beginner's Guide: 5 Innovative Ways to Secure Life against Future Health Crises

COVID-19 has precipitated an unprecedented global crisis that is now threatening to disrupt the global economy and people’s livelihoods. The first cases were reported from Wuhan in China between December 31, 2019 and January 03, 2020.

As of now, most of us are well aware of the importance of sanitization and social distancing in preventing the spread of COVID-19. However, this information was not available during the initial stages of the pandemic. It was business as usual in most countries and airlines were operating across the globe. That’s why COVID-19 spread far and wide including some of the most remote parts of the world such as Greenland, Iceland, etc.

With time, the entire world has come to realize that preventive care works best to control the spread of COVID-19. That’s why things like wearing masks, taking care of personal hygiene, maintaining distance, and frequent sanitization have become a norm.

Let’s take a look at some important measures that we can take to prevent a future health crisis similar to COVID-19.

Wearing gloves/masks: We know that COVID-19 spreads primarily through contact with an infected person. The virus transfers via droplets that are released by the infected person while coughing or sneezing. The virus can also stay on surfaces for several hours. This is why it’s important to wear masks and gloves whenever we venture out or handle goods and packages from outside. Wearing gloves and masks can significantly cut the risk of getting infected with COVID-19.

Decontaminating walkways: Now that shops, industries, public places and other institutions are operational, it has become important to provide a safe and easy way to sanitize large groups of people. Innovative products such as decontaminating walkways can help, as these are portable, easy to install and can work with minimal human supervision. Anti-germ walkways for general public can be installed at various places such as offices, banks, schools/colleges, shopping centers, tourist spots, airports, railway stations, bus stations, etc.

Foot-operated washbasins: Washing hands with soap has emerged as an effective prevention technique to control the spread of COVID-19. But the required infrastructure is currently not available in most places. A perfect solution is a portable foot-operated washbasin that can allow large groups of people to sanitize their hands quickly. As these are operated by foot, the risk of contamination through touch is largely eliminated. These can be installed at various locations such as community parks, plants/factories, religious places, schools/colleges, etc.

Avoid touching your face: COVID-19 can spread through close contact with an infected person or through contaminated objects. The latter could include a wide variety of things such as groceries, home-delivered packets, and almost everything else that’s entering your home from the outside. If we make it a habit to not touch our face, nose, eyes and mouth after handling such items, the risk of infection can be reduced significantly.

Avoid crowded places: Your risk of contracting COVID-19 increases significantly when you venture into crowded places. It’s advisable that you avoid such places as far as possible.

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