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OK Play Healthcare, disinfection tunnel manufacturers of India introduces two innovative & revolutionary products- disinfection tunnels India and foot-operated wash basin that aim to safeguard our lives against global health crises.

Step In To Step Out!

The world is today faced with a calamity like never before—the unsurpassed havoc created by the COVID19 has assumed massive proportions and mankind is today faced with an unprecedented medical emergency. Having an experience of over 25 years in the field of designing and developing innovative products, we introduced OK Play sanitization tunnels and handwash systems to make India safe again.

How It Works

Step 3: Clarification

The cider is then run through a filter to help with clarification.

Going out?
It could make you vulnerable.
Lucky us!
SprayClean could keep us safe.
Disinfection Solution
attacks infectious viruses, bacteria and other microbes.
are not cool. Don’t be one.
Join the movement. Make India safe again.

USPs of

Ever imagined Batman just wearing a cape over regular jeans? Doesn’t work. You need to go full way to have an impact. Invest in complete protection, total disinfection with sanitization tunnels.

Easy and fast assembly

Compact modular design

Built-in disinfectant tank

Durable, pre-coloured polyethylene

10 strategically located nozzles

Contoured design with no sharp edges

Maintenance free

Corrosion free

Introducing HandyWash in new exciting variants

USPs of

If you want to work hand-in-hand with us, you’ve got to go hands-free! Choose the four-way, foot-operated, portable hand wash system designed for a hygienic hands-free experience while conserving water.

No-touch handwash experience

Fully assembled and ready to use

Optimum usage of water and soap, reduces wastage

Maintenance free

Contoured design with no sharp edges

Corrosion free

Portable, compact, lightweight design

Stainless steel faucets

You’re in good company
We are making going out safe again. Join the movement.